Zazen in Hamburg

Zazen is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character 座禅 Tso-ch‘an, which in turn is derived from the Sanskrit word ध्यान Dhyana (phonetically). It literally means ”meditation” or ”sitting in contemplation”. It describes a state of pristine, thoughtless and wide-awake awareness.

In common usage today, ”zazen” refers to the meditation exercise itself, which, through dedication and perseverance, leads the meditator's mind into a state of unbound alertness.

We sit zazen every Monday evening. You are welcome to join us. Participants without experience in zazen should attend an introduction beforehand. This takes place during the regular time.

Place: Right now we meet at a private place in Hamburg Oldenfelde. Please send an email if you want to join us in order to get the full address.

Time: Mondays, 19.00 - 20.30

Every first Monday of the month we only sit zazen for two periods and then have tea together.

For first-time participants, please register in advance.

Summer times

Hamburg: Last evening zazen before the summer break on 15.7.
Hamburg: First evening zazen after the summer break on 2.9.
Online: Last morning zazen before the summer break on 26.7.
Online: First morning zazen after the summer break on 2.9.