Pearls of Ash and Awe


Pearls of Ash and Awe. 20 Years of Bearing Witness in Auschwitz

with Bernie Glassman & ZenPeacemakers

Edited by Kathleen Battke (D) Inspired and co-edited by Ginni Stern (USA) and Andrzej Krajewski (PL)

In 1996, Bernie Glassman, Eve Marko, and Andrzej Krajewski plunged into Auschwitz-Birkenau for the first time – together with Ginni Stern and 150 other people from ten nations. Ever since, Peacemakers from all over the world, many cultures and religions have joined this Retreat each year.

In a place where million-fold murder was mechanized, participants not only encounter the horrors of the past but are also faced with their own inner victim/perpetrator, are confronted with exploring the limits of (their) humanity and with the abundance of ALL of life today, here and now. An in- terfaith “plunge” that pierces deeply and has transformed the lives of many.

This book connects the testimonies of more than 70 participants from all over the world and over the two decades span of the Retreat. Those who wish to comprehend “the Phenomenon Auschwitz” deeply, and those who are longing for a heart-opening peace practice may find themselves moved and inspired by these honest stories. They encourage to open out.